Tell me if you’re off your feet
Balloon’s been filled up it’s a treat
To go high up over the mountain creek

A celebration that’s for sure
With purple clouds and bright shooting stars
That I’m sure are heading straight for Mars
I wonder if we’ll catch them

The pyramids now all go by
A desert storm sends sand to my eyes
Sensing a diversion she begins to fly

As far away as she can go
Around the world, around the moon
I’m hoping that she’ll come back soon
Or is this it?

I flew as far as the balloon would take me
I saw many beautiful pleasures and sceneries
But the one of note, a glimpse of you
Hoping that I’ll hold you soon
I’m running out of helium
What’s done is done – what’s done is done.

Your wings are too lethal
Your morals are none
But while I’m stuck here grounded
A balloon’s all I got
You’ve got the safety pin and I, I hope I’ve got you.

3AM I’m back on my feet
Balloon’s deflated on the side of the street
Sometimes I dream sometimes I think it’s real
I see her flying by the window