Hot Love

Hot love
Black coal
Plates they shiftin’
It’s about to explode

‘Cause people talking from left to right
Overloaded and they can’t get a bite
They’re all so nervous like they got stage fright

From the Apollo, The show’s tomorrow

Snake bite
Dig deep
Into your soul

The pain is piercing pulling me out of control
It’s hard enough staying true to your zone
My hands are tied I can’t get to the phone

It keeps ringin’ I’ll keep singin’

I’m not trying to show my mess around this town
Grab a broom grab a mop and clean it up (Grab a broom grab a mop and ooh)
I ain’t feelin so hot but on this stage I’ll show you something that can’t be stopped

Heart clocks
Prime swing
‘Til it stops

A roller coaster with an off and on switch
The curtains up, the lights are down and that’s it
It’s make or break this time the fire is lit
Time to dance take my hand

The serpents watch the fire grows and it grows
With every step the ohhs and ahhs like a drone
Swiftly pulsating deep into the unknown
Lightning and thunder fueling the hunger

‘Til it stops