The Reasons Why

So long, farewell
You’re probably coming back but you left too soon
The fog dilutes
The lights they burn like whiskey and cigarettes

Well it’s a negative positive reaction
She’s thinking with her head and not her heart
Sparks torn apart

Like hair at split ends
An international deluge that might set the break for good
I swear I hope it would

Well it’s a negative positive reaction
I’m thinking with my heart and not my head
Emotions reach the highest peaks the lowest lows a man could ever take
Will it break me?

I rest my aching bones
To the point the ache for more I close the shades
On society’s realities of shame
‘Cause she’s leaving the country and cutting it off
I’m forming bad habits I’ve got to cut off
And control my emotions cause she’s owning hers
And let them run free causing fires that spread
That are burning the city and pushing the edge
Towards the cliffs of Manhattan and places that I wouldn’t go
Straight under the bone

I know actions speak louder than words
But I can’t differentiate them with the words in my head
A bloated friend

Well it’s a negative positive reaction
That leaves you both stunned hot and cold
Well it’s a negative positive reaction
The heart and the head they show the signs
The reasons why