When It Rains It Pours

I know that I am hung up to dry. But I’m still drunk and I am cold. I love you but you want much more. I’ll think for hour but then walk out the door. When it rains it pours

I’ve told lies and cheated all my life. Told some for good and some to make things right. But I need you, I need you to understand. I’ll walk for miles but won’t make it back.
When the light turns black

I’m a mess that won’t clean up. You’re a tin can I’m paper cup.
This ship has sailed yeah we’re fresh out of luck. In the wake of a sweet memory.

I wanna tell you how i really feel. But I don’t know if what I mean is real. But I taunt you just like i taunt myself
Ring in the fire and we can’t get out When the flames take flight
I am the winner of a losing game. I loved to love but now I’m lost in vain. Just do me please forget my name. I can’t go on if things remain the same. What I’ve lost is me.