Portland based solo artist. Soulful and melodically accessible alt-rock.

David’s new album Realignment is out now on Spotify, Bandcamp, and iTunes!




Date City Venue Country
05/26/19 David Pollack in Portland OR Kelly’s Olympian (9:00pm)
05/29/19 David Pollack in Kalama WA McMenamins Kalama Harbor Lounge (7:00pm)
06/01/19 David Pollack in Portland OR Whelan’s Irish Pub (6:00pm)
06/08/19 David Pollack in Portland OR Cheerful Tortoise (9:00pm)
06/13/19 David Pollack in New York NY Arlene’s Grocery (8:00pm)
06/20/19 David Pollack in Berlin Germany Mirage Bistrot (7:30pm)
06/21/19 David Pollack in Laatzen, Germany Festhalle Freundschaft SofaConcert (7:30pm)
06/22/19 David Pollack in Thyrow, Germany JanzWeitDraußen (7:30pm)
07/06/19 David Pollack in Portland OR McMenamins White Eagle Saloon (9:00pm)



Soulful. Emphatic. Dynamic. Melodically accessible. That’s the best way to describe DAVID POLLACK, the Portland, OR-based alt rock frontman who believes in the power of a good song. Realignment (out March 9) is, unsurprisingly, a musical and personal realignment.

Impassioned rock songs color the record through and through. It’s the culmination of a childhood love of both Paul Simon and Death Cab For Cutie. Both James Taylor and Weezer. And a cross-country move last year, from his hometown of New York City to the Pacific Northwest.

Pollack whet his chops as a teen performing in the all ages NYC rock club scene, while spending summers at Bucks Rock Creative Arts Camp and the Berklee School of Music. He then released a collection of bedroom demos entitled Out the Other Side (2010) after returning from two years of college in Burlington Vermont.

Over the next several years, Pollack played in several bands, recorded his debut full-length solo record entitled Put It Into Words (2014) while finishing his studies at Fordham University in New York. He began to find his sound with a combination of constant gigging in New York City’s gritty venues, busking regularly in the Bethesda Fountain section of Central Park, and touring up and down the East Coast.

When the Lights Turn Blue (2015), a collection of songs about dealing with depression produced by Gian Stone (Maroon 5), saw Pollack exploring a darker, sophisticated roots rock sound. And then, he began to explore further into alt. rock territory: from the starry-eyed “I Saw Your Future” (2015, produced by Phillippe Lachance) to the expansive “Crashing Through A Loss of Sound” (2016, produced by Felix McTeigue and Drew Guido).

In 2018, Pollack’s coming into his own after a year living in Portland and many trips to Seattle to work with longtime friend and producer Jon Henshaw. Made up of seven hard-hitting songs, his new record Realignment is a signifier of change to come.

For all inquiries, email david@davidpollackmusic.com.


Crashing Through A Loss Of Sound

Why do I put up with your energy
Like an enemy
Why do I love a feeling that brings me deep
Under my sleeve

I can’t hold back
Stuck in between
Words don’t come out
Like we’re crashing through a loss of sound

Your smile so bright it hurts
But does it really work
Walking through circles of kindness and cruelty
This is new to me

Can I hold back
Caught in the in between
Words don’t come out
Crashing through a loss of sound
I am waiting for it all to turn around
I am wanting the start but not the end
Crashing through a loss of sound

Please tell me what I have done right
Instead of what I’ve done wrong
Just sing this song so we can play along
Yeah we can play along now

Can you hold back
Calling out my name
Words do come out
Crashing through a loss of sound
You are waiting for it all to fall down
You are wanting both the middle and the end
Crashing through a loss of sound

The mind, body, and spirit know this feeling well
I am crying out loud behind some dark cloud
Oh, my heart is throbbing and I’m shaking at the knees
Only time, only time will really tell

Crashing through a loss of sound
We are waiting for the wrongs to turn around
We are wanting a stop to all the fights
Cause we can’t call quits when we say goodnight
Cause we can’t call quits when we say goodnight