Portland based Singer/Songwriter. Soulful and Melodically Accessible.

New Album Releasing Spring 2018!




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01/21/18 David Pollack in Portland OR White Eagle Saloon (8:00pm)



Soulful and melodically accessible. That’s the best way to describe the music of Portland, OR-based singer/songwriter David Pollack. Inspired from an early age by the music of Paul Simon, the Beatles, James Taylor, Weezer, and Death Cab for Cutie, David spent his teen years performing at many venues in the New York City rock club scene. He spent his summers at Bucks Rock Creative Arts Camp and the Berklee School of Music summer program, as well as at internships at Rough Magic Studios and music promotions firm Creative Entertainment Group.

David attended college at the University of Vermont, where he was a member of the Jazz Vocal Ensemble and UVM Top Cats a capella group. After two years, he moved back to New York City, where he went on to record and release an EP of lo-fi tracks titled Out the Other Side. David spent several months touring in support of the album before resuming his studies at Fordham University in New York. While studying media and communications, David worked at public radio station WFUV alongside Dennis Elsas and Rita Houston.

After playing in several bands, David went back to the studio to record his debut full-length solo record Put It Into Words. To create the album, he worked with producers Oliver Ignatius at Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen, Gian Stone at Stone Studios, Rick Torres at Buskerville Studios, and Gordon Grody (Lady GaGa, Alicia Keys). The album was mixed and mastered by Grammy winner Jon D’Uva (Louis CK, Breaking Benjamin, Paramore) and released in January of 2014.

In 2015, David released his second EP, titled When the Lights Turn Blue, a collection of songs about dealing with depression. He worked once again with producer/engineer Gian Stone at Stone Studios. Later on that year, David teamed up with lyricist Lionel Lombard and Montreal-based producer/engineer Philippe Lachance to write and release the single “I Saw Your Future.”

In 2016, David released the single “Crashing Through a Loss of Sound.” The A-side of the single was produced by Felix McTeigue and Drew Guido at Electric Indigo Studios; for the B-side, David collaborated again with Philippe Lachance on a remix. David welcomed 2017 with a move across the country to beautiful and vibrant Portland, OR, new music, and West Coast tour dates. New full length release slated for March 2018.

For all inquiries, email david@davidpollackmusic.com.


Crashing Through A Loss Of Sound

Why do I put up with your energy
like an enemy.
Why do I love a feeling that brings me deep under my sleeve

I can’t hold back
Caught in between
Words can’t come out
Like we’re crashing through a loss of sound

Your smile so bright it hurts.
But does it really work
Walking through circles of kindness and cruelty.
This is new to me.

Can I hold back
Caught in the in between.
Words don’t come out.
Like we’re Crashing through a loss of sound.
I am waiting for it all to turn around.
I am wanting the start but not the end
Like we’re Crashing Through a Loss of sound

Please Tell me what I have done right. Instead of what I done wrong.
Just sing the song
so we can play along
Yeah we can play along.

Can you hold back.
Calling out my name
Words do come out.
Like we’re crashing through a loss of sound
You are waiting for it all to fall down
You are wanting both the middle and the end
Like we’re Crashing Through A Loss Of Sound

Oh the mind body and spirit know this feeling well
I am crying out loud behind some dark cloud.
Though my heart is throbbing and I’m shaking at the knees
Only time
only time will really tell

Like we’re crashing through a loss of sound
We are waiting for the wrongs to turn around
We are wanting a stop to all the fights
Cause we can’t call quits when we say goodnight
Cause we can’t call quits when we say goodnight
Cause we can’t call quits when we say goodnight